Feb 15, 2012

Peanuts and Philosophies

If you haven't already made plans to catch 9 Works Theatrical's production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown over at the RCBC Auditorium, I suggest you take the kiddoes along and do so.

I didn't know what to expect, only that it would be a welcome diversion for the boys. Call it a small window of opportunity or a desperate attempt on my part to expand their horizons.  Our one year anniversary from the time they firmly decided football would be king in our homes and in our lives is coming up.  They still wear jerseys at every chance they can get.  When they're not catching the games at the oddest times of times of the day on TV, or talking about who's being traded to what team or who's wearing the latest Mercurials,  they're on the field playing it.  They trained five out of seven days a few weeks ago.  I told you: crazy-obsessed.

Now back to the play. Surprise. Surprise. They loved it. They both sat at the edge of their seats laughing out loud at some point, I would have otherwise guessed they were watching Real Madrid clash with FC Barcelona. Ok, maybe not completely but it was good enough for all of us.

Mak and Tato were still talking about it days after.  Mak says the show is  not just funny it is really, really funny.  He's been asking when I'd be taking him to the next "episode".  He's also decided Happiness is the musical's best song.  Good choice.  Good times.  

Tato: Mama, Sally was so funny she kept changing her mind about her philosophy.  What's a philosophy anyway?
Me: It's asking questions and trying to find answers about things you don't know.  
Tato: Like what is good for me?
Me:  That's a  good one.  And if you don't know the answer to that right away, that's cool.  Many grownups don't even have the answer to that one. 
Tato: But I already know.  FOOTBALL. That's my philosophy: Football is good for us.  


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Camille said...

it is just so "tato" to pick that part up from the entire play! i like his philosophy by the way.