May 22, 2010

Adrenaline Junkies

I like playing it safe. That's just the way I roll. Macdaddy likes to live on the wild side. That's the way he is. You would think after looking at the twins that they'd be split down the middle on this one too but noooo.. they're all Macdaddy in the adventure department. That leaves me being the killjoy odd one out around here.

Case in point: our summer vacation in Singapore. The lady at the ticket booth, for our day at Sentosa Island, offered us a choice of two packages. Option A: Day of FUN. Option B: Day of THRILL. My choice was crystal clear. But well, democracy, democracy and majority does win. We were off to begin our Thriller of a day. It began with a chairlift sky ride up then an exciting, gravity-driven luge ride down a winding road. Even I had to admit, thrilling AND fun.

We managed to sneak in a few other attractions on the Island like the oceanarium and a dolphin show. And then it was finally time for the Flying Fox Mega Zip line. I took deep breaths while reading the brochure over and over again. Top of the jungle to the sandy beach... Seventy five meters high (that's about the 25th floor of a building) sliding down at a speed of fifty kilometers per hour. Okay. There might still be a chance get out of this one fast. Maam, is this safe for my children? They are only four, you know, I asked the officer-in-charge as we waited for the jeep to drive us up the mountain. She assured me they would have a great time. So much for a new ally and a way out. I remember my heart beating really fast, the dynamic duo jumping up and down with excitement and MacDaddy smirking. The jeep arrives and we begin the ascent to our hellhole jump-off point. I'm going to throw up, I whisper to Macdaddy. I must have really looked like it because he finally realizes I'm not kidding. You can still back out, he says. And really, I want to. I can barely even figure out how to hold down the Hainanese chicken I had for lunch much less hold a boy with a harness, dangle around in a wire, and manage to put up a brave front on top of all of that. But I also don't have the heart to tell that one boy (and which one and how do you choose?) that he can't get on the zip line because his mom is a wimp. So the show must go on.

I barely remember them putting on the safety harnesses and the instructions. Then the dreaded "dead man walking" scene up to the tower where we are ready to free fall. And then Tato finally realizes what is about to happen. Mama, will it be scary? And I really wanted to scream Tato! Seriously?! Why now? Where were you earlier when I needed to vote against this zip thing? But we put on faces of courage and strength for the sake of our children because thats what we do. God bless mothers. (pat in the back. smirk. wink) Tato, remember how on TV Diego and Dora hang on the vines in the jungle? That's how its going to be. You're Diego. I'm Dora. Mama will hold you the whole time and this will be super fun. Liar, liar pants on fire.

We're all finally given the dreaded go signal to step off the plank. Point of no return. This is it. And I think Tato probably sensed how nervous I was because he rubbed my arm without a word in that split second we hung on suspended for dear life, right before we finally plunge. I guess the boy wanted to reassure me I'd be okay. And because that's what children do. God bless them. There were smiles, shrieks, screams for more, more smiles, more shrieks. And you know what? They were right after all. This was the most fun, most thrilling thing ever.


Cely said...

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to comment sooner. But anyway, your summer vacation must have been such a treat, and your pictures are wonderful!
And how courageous you are, my dear Nana! I was speechless reading your post... You are AMAZING, truly awe inspiring!
And, yes, you ROCK, my dear!

Nona said...

Oh wow super duper fun! Way to go brave mama : )

Kara said...

Hay naku Tita Crisann.

I felt exactly the same way when your tukayo Nana did the parasailing in Bora and the zip line in La Mesa Eco Park. My heart stopped while she was up having the time of her life. And since you have boys, am sure you'll have more thrill seeking adventures. Be prepared!


Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. I didn't feel that amazing at twenty five feet above sea level. haha!

Nona, I could totally see you doing that without a sweat.

Nana said...

Hi Kara! Thanks for dropping in. I know they said children will keep us on our toes but.. sobra na 'to! Haha

Barni said...

If I were 4 years old again, your boys would be my best friends.

Nana said...

Haha, Barns! Imagine me. Suddenly getting adventurous at this age!