May 30, 2010

Walking in Heels, Tripping on Legos

Yup, I have walked in heels and tripped on lego pieces that find their way in the strangest places around our house. I swear, Lego blocks have legs and they stalk my feet! And again, Christoph Nieman translates a domestic issue into awesome-graphic-goodness. His latest post for his New York Times blog made me smile.

I swear, I have seen these exact same creatures at my house. They like to breed.

As he describes... the kids' room is populated by a wildly procreating tribe of orphaned bits and pieces, who all claim to be descendants of some fancy toy.

The pictures work better in Nieman's own narrative order. Go check it out in its entirety on Abstract City. Might make you smile too. Happy Sunday!

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