May 11, 2010

New Hope

One generation plants the tress and another gets the shade, says a Chinese proverb. In the last couple of months leading to the elections, I really did try to plant those trees. The generation after us should never stop planting, sure, but they deserve that shade.

Thank you, Gilbert Teodoro, for teaching me to give a damn. For giving me hope. For getting my usually-politically-lazy butt out there and attempt to make a difference. For inspiring me to be positive. For making me fall in like with this country all over again. And for giving me a glimpse of what we could all be one day.

They say a leader like him comes once in twenty five years, maybe even fifty. Others say he will be the best President we never had. Possible. But eye on the ball as there is work to be done. Right this minute. Lots of healing. Lots of helping. All those colors put together would make a very pretty rainbow, I'm sure of it. Let's get started. Our children could use a rainbow. And the shade of course.


Nona said...

I'm still sad. But yes, if we lose hope we lose everything. BUT, BUT... DAMN this country is frustrating.

Din said...

I will always wear my gibo baller ID with pride and no regret. Mr. Teodoro introduced us to a new brand of politics we just weren't ready for. Sayang. Three steps back after May. Sayang talaga.

Marga said...

It was a wonderfully exhilarating journey with you and MacDaddy! Win or lose, he left an unprecedented legacy one could only attempt to emulate. But I remain hopeful. He paved the way for a new breed of leaders to emerge.

Nana said...

Nona, Isn't it?

Din, yes wear it. No regrets here too

Marga: Yes, Looking forward to seeing this new politics emerge and puhleez NEW leaders naman!