May 2, 2010

Sand, Sea, Sunsets and SUBIT

It was a great weekend to head to Subic Bay.

This is what summers are all about. Enough said...

But we do have to say we are proud of Pappy. The kids and I were complete beach bums and gluttons this weekend, but he was on a mission to finish the Subic International Triathlon (SUBIT) race.

After a 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run, under the scorching heat, mission accomplished. Much stronger and faster than last year too. Way to go Paps!

Team Fitness First... at least some of them.

Home Team all here.

The Muse. Check out her Tat'


Cely said...

Wow! Congratulations to your hubby, Nona! What an accomplishment!
And what wonderful pictures, I love them all!

Nona said...

Thanks cheerleader Cely : )

Nana said...

Hooray! Wish we were there to join Team PappyPacks

Nona said...

Maybe next year Nana : ) Baby bro Javy shot our family picture, by the way.

Miguel said...

Idol! Congrats to Packs!


Nona said...

He did do well Migs. Gracias Mr. Hyperbole : )

Vannie said...

nice pics! and congrats too! where did u guys stay? i'm just a bit concerned because when we were in subic last march (we stayed in white rock), i took eanna out of the water upon seeing a really really slight oil film on the water. its not really noticeable but i really scrutinized it cause i know that ships dock there. supposedly there should not be any oily film no matter how minute it is, my husband said. but it depends on how strict the port authorities are.

Nona said...

Hi Vannie! Thanks. Pics from a Lumix and with a little iPhoto enhancements. Can't shake the urge to post-prod out of me. Haha!

We rented a house in Subic Homes. No complaints there except for some reason my kids always get coughs or colds after staying in centralized ac places - no exception so far.

The beach we like best in Subic is Camayan Cove beside Ocean Adventure. No oily water there : ) Take Eanna one day.