Aug 13, 2009

the next wave

The youngest guest at the announcement of the 2009 Ateneo Art Awards was 3-year-old Chicha...

This year's exhibit of finalists is called The Next Wave. Could this little girl be an artist one day? Sometimes I suspect she could be a "next waver" too.... who knows.

Her comment on Ringo Bunoan's highly conceptual work: There's no drawing.

We turned this event into one of our mommy-and-me nights out. As you can see, our girls'-night-out involved a well-curated art exhibit, then a good Italian dinner. Pappy and Bear also had a simultaneous boys'-night-out. That one involved McDonalds. Haha!

Tita Yael is the curator of the Ateneo Art Gallery. She loves what she does and it shows!

The Next Wave will be on exhibit at The Shangri-la Plaza up to Monday August 17. A good reason to go to the mall this weekend. A good way to show your preschooler that sometimes art doesn't always have to be a drawing.


Barni said...

Not an excuse - was stuck at work til 7:30pm. Dang! Some people from my floor went. Looks like it was really good. :) Pach so adorable as always.

Nona said...

We missed you! The place was PACKED though. Yay for Yael... but best to see the work without the throng. Was soo hard to even take pics. The collection was really good, as usual : )

Cely said...

Wow this is the kind of art I like. What a great place to spend a "mommy-and-me" night out. It must have been awesome!

Oh and I love your pics, by the way!

Nona said...

Hey Cely : ) Yes yes us girls had fun... Patris actually likes going to these things! I wanted to take more photos of the art work but the place was so full : (