Oct 20, 2009

Bears, Baguio and Bouncing Back

While I'm a fan of all things minimalist, I wasn't always like that. I remember going berserk completely insane a little overboard with stuffed toys and dolls way back when. My pink, frilly bedroom was proof enough. An odd choice? Maybe. A rare one? Hardly. How else can you explain the billions of stuffed toys sold in stores all over the world year after year. Could never really put my finger on why I loved them so much. Why many children do. I only knew they made me happy. And when I took them along, they reminded me of a warm, safe place.

Cathy Guballa, friend, writer and blogger , grief counsellor and driving force behind Migi's Corner knows just the thing to help alleviate the emotional pain our children are suffering after two successive typhoons that have crippled the country. This is a repost of her column from the Sunday paper.

The children in many of Baguio's evacuation centers have been severely traumatized by the typhoon. Reports say that many of them stare blankly at walls and have no appetite. A stuffed toy is a small thing, but for a child who has been through a nightmare such as the recent floods and typhoon, it can mean everything and help him or her break out of that shell. Together with Pine, A Baguio NGO, a group of friends and I are trying to raise at least 500 bears or stuffed toys to send to Baguio's children. If you would like to donate your old teddy bears or stuffed toys, please email 10000bears@gmail.com or send a text message to 0917-529-1964 so we can advise you on the drop off point. Thank you very much.

So grab those toys and send them her way. While you're at it, give your own little ones a tight hug today. All children deserve warm, safe places.

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Cely said...

Aww I really loved my stuffed toys when I was a child. Do you think we can send some from here?