Oct 4, 2009

Beating the Odds

80 years ago yesterday my favorite doctor arrived in this world. 41 years later -on the day - his own son was born. 35 years after - still on that very day - twin boys arrived. That's the GranddadDoc, MacDaddy and the Mak-Tatos. Four boys, three generations, one birthday. What are the odds of that?

Yesterday, a super typhoon was all set to demolish an already storm-ravaged nation. We prepared. And braced ourselves. And prayed very hard. Rains did come but the super typhoon never did.

Yesterday was a good day. I like defying the odds.

Happy Birthday Dearest Boys!

my boys on the go


Nona said...

I've greeted them enough of course... but just had to say what a super special day it is : )

Barni said...

Ack! Happy Birthday to each and every one of your boys. Kisses to them. Uh except maybe the doc, as he'll probably think that's just not cool.

And yes -gladness all around that Manila, at least, was spared.

flower said...

woah!!! just one birthday? that's crazy!

jona. said...

ang galing!!! hehe.

Nana said...

Thanks, Nona and Barni!

Flower & Jona: Yes, crazy, wild AND galing!

Cely said...

Happy Birthday once again to your dearest boys, Nana! I'm so glad you had nice weather for this weekend of celebrations! You all have been in all my thoughts!

Can't wait to see your pics!