Oct 25, 2009

Quiz Bee

I still have dreams that I didn't finish a unit in college or pass a test in high school. Then I wake up. My diplomas are safely tucked somewhere in MammaMia's drawers, I think. Or I have them somewhere. The units are complete. Thank God. I can sleep easy.

I have vivid memories of surprise tests. Why oh why did the teachers get such satisfaction out of those? Just when I thought my fears remain nightmares and spot quizzes are things of the past, I can't believe my luck. I gave birth to Alex Trebek. And our home is the set of Jeopardy. Trivial Pursuit. Or the Spelling Bee Nationals. Tato is the self-proclaimed host. And we are all forced to be contestants.

One morning Tato left this quiz for the MacYaya

This is MacYaya with no other choice but to answer

Oh cool.. Tato is giving her a big fat check for going well over and beyond her call of duty...

Oh.. not really. Apparently, its all just perfect ad placement for him

He handles his own advertising too, I guess. The little man means business.
EDITED TO ADD: I just realized why MacYaya didn't deserve a check. Umm.. Number 12 perhaps?


Nona said...

Tato is a wonderkid genius!

Camille said...

just when i was amazed with tato's pop quiz, he had me in stitches with the nike ad! hilarious!

Adele said...

i'm so curious to delve into tato's mind to find out how it works. he is so multi-faceted!

Nana said...

Nona, wild no?

Cams, remember there was that 1 teacher in our all-girls grade school there in the mountains that said "girls, surprise quiz on monday!" Haha. I was watching them from a distance and burst out laughing when I saw the Nike too.

MammaMia, reminds you of me? Heehee

Cely said...

Wow. Tato never ceases to amaze me. His talents are captivating!

And I LOVED the Nike ad, hahaha

Barni said...

A budding math whiz, or marketing genius? Your son has the most interesting mind! Though "interesting" is probably too weak a word.

Nana said...

Thanks, Barns! Like mama, like son???