Oct 9, 2009

Don't Forget the Accessories!

If you have a little girl, maybe you've already met Fancy Nancy? Chicha has been loving this book series written by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.

I love Nancy too because she's not afraid to express herself with her quirky sense of style - incorporating tutus, ruby shoes and all things fuzzy and feathery. Her favorite color? Fuschia. You see, Nancy also likes her words to be fancy and dreams of learning French someday because she explains "everything in French sounds fancy!" Chicha completely digs all this.

I dig it too because, Nancy is no princess who's happy ending is dependent on snagging prince charming. She's no Bratz. She's not Barbie with the impossibly perfect face and anatomy... a possible precursor to low-self esteem and eating disorders.

She's a girl who works on being fancy, likes learning fancy words, and making her world a fancier place to live in. That's all. It's great because she's not aspiring to be some air-brushed-cover-girl-media-stereotype. Nancy uses her creativity and her can-do attitude to reach the levels of fancy she aspires to. Which is why we let our in-house Fancy Nancy live out her own fashion fantasies.

Thanks Tita Anna for the dress. Colored pearls from Divisoria. Feather clips from one of her old fairy costumes - they used to flicker with light. Bulbs have conked out. Seriously. They make stuff like that these days!

If you have been reading our little blog for some time, you know I have very little say on what our Chicha-fashionista wears. Case in point here and another here. Oh and here. From the green and pink pearls to the feather hair accessories... Chicha styled herself for school today.

Channelling Nancy. Fancy, eh?

To all the little girls out there: Live your dreams and just be who you want to be. Viva creative expression! Until our next post... as Nancy would want to say... au revoir!


Barni said...

For someone with such an experimental style, she actually looks really good!!!. I would not object to this little ensemble. Go, little girl. You wear it with such aplomb. Smack!

Nona said...

Awww... Thanks Ninang B for acknowledging her creative efforts : ) She does have a knack for surprising combinations!

gissy said...

cuuuute :) kulang nalang flapper dress!

Nona said...

Hi Gissy! Actually, you are right on... the pearls were from the 30' flapper theme party of one of our lola's. I think she was influenced by the feathers and pearls look of that night!