Oct 14, 2009

Mad Men on the Street

Presenting a mid-week treat for those of you who love Sesame Street, are hooked on the series Mad Men, smitten by the dapper Mr. Don Draper and dig the fact that they all hook up to give us a big laugh. Leave it to the creative minds behind PBS to manage to sneak in a lesson in vocabulary. Enjoy but be ready to answer "Mama, what is a sycophant?"

Because no one is ever too old to watch Sesame or too small to learn big words. Have a great day and keep those "sticky smiles on your faces".


Barni said...

This was so hilarious! I wish I got into Mad Men so I could appreciate it even more.

Nona said...

I LOVE Mad Men. Count on Sesame Street to be relevant to me from age 7 to 37!

flower said...

love. it. ! ( i love mad men too )