Feb 26, 2010

Little Miss Bossy

Mak: Mama, Miko said that Ina is super bossy. What does bossy mean?
Me: Bossy people are the ones that always want you to do what they want and always tell you what to do.

And...just to make sure he got my drift...

Me: Do you know anyone who's like that?
Mak: Yes. YOU.

Oooooohhhh. MacDaddy, no wisecracks. Please.


Cely said...

Awww Mak! Okay, Nana, I won't say anything... because I'm still laughing! hahaha

Nona said...

Hahahaha! Can I throw that in our WM compilation?

Adele said...

may i comment? or will you delete it. my reply to mak.....you are an insightful little boy. and brutally frank too!!!

Nana said...

Freedom of speech, people. And yes.. laugh at my expense. haha!