Feb 14, 2010

Love In Action

Handmade and hand-delivered by the Mak-Tatos

Dropping in with some Sunday love. Presenting pure love in action. Have a beautiful day!


Barni said...

Strange - I had just finished reading Nella's story and crying my eyes out before I checked in here.

Do you remember our lunch at Terry's and you looked at me weirdly wondering about my red and blue macaroni bracelet? From Alec and PMC with love! (before you ask - I think I drank Nido and Sustagen as a child :) )

Happy hearts day, my dear!

Cely said...

I'm in tears. What a story! Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy love day again, dear Nana!

Nona said...

Now that's LOVE... from the heart of petals... to Nella (sniff).

Nana said...

Really.. what a story right?
Barns, they haven't come home with a macaroni bracelet for me yet. I want one!