Feb 9, 2010

Playing Second Fiddle

I got my first job when I was six. My task was to do absolutely nothing. I was cast as an understudy in a TV commercial - the "just-in-case-the-real-kid-cries-or-throws-a fit" kid. I played on the set while waiting for my turn. The other child did a brilliant job apparently. I never got my turn. What I did get was my very first pay check. I remember blowing it all on a bike. I was a happy camper.

I had almost forgotten all about this until that memory came rushing back yesterday when Mak got home from school. Talk about a memory flashflood.
Mak: "Mama, I like it when Justine is sick".
Me: "Mak!! Why?"
Mak: "Because when she's not in school I'm the narrator in the play but when she's there I'm the frog!"

And so we talked about how everyone involved is just as important as the other, yes, even the Manang that sewed the stage curtains (for extra emphasis) and how the play badly needs frogs too. This is The Princess and The Frog play after all! And I thought my point came across kind of well actualIy until I dropped him off in school this morning. Craning his neck in the school's driveway with matching hopeful look. "Let me check. Maybe Justine is not there."



Cely said...

What can I say? I LOVE stories like this one. It's always something that makes me think. Sometimes just for a moment, sometimes for longer and it's always a pleasant thing. Thank you!

Dearest Mak, hope you'll be "the frog" more often in the next days - even if Justine is there. Tell your mom to hug you (and Tato) from me and buchies of kisses too.

JavyO said...

The beauty of this is one day they will get to read all of this.

Nice goin' Mak!

Nona said...

Narrator OR frog (starring role!), I'm sure Mak plays both well. Funny he prefers narrator : )

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely!

LilBro, thats what Nona and I are hoping. That this will be around long enough for them to read it. Though I think we may have to stop before we get into the "Tato and Mak went on their first double date last night..." post. Ooohhh.. they'll kill me!

Nona, thing is he says he's one of many, many frogs vs ONE narrator with many words! Hahaha!

Cely said...

Oops! Where is the nearest hole I can hide in? I'm sorry! I just realized my mistake (frog/narrator) but I can't edit it. Gosh, I need to start taking English courses again, haha.

Barni said...

Sweet, Sann. Reminds me of my dad's story of being a snowflake in the King and I, while his brother played the King. Or how Johnny played Jesus in Godspell, and Mark was crew. Ha ha! I bet you they regret not giving him the bigger role in the first place.

Cherishing and enjoying the blog until their stories won't be yours to tell anymore.