Feb 28, 2010

IM Proud

He wasn't what I initially hoped for but I soon learned a little brother wasn't half bad. He was cute as a button and I loved teasing him until he cried, or bossing him around until he squealed. Then one day. Boom! He grew up. And I couldn't push him around anymore. No one could.

with LilBro and BigBro

Yesterday, I was up at six. The boys and I bought playing cards the day before. I promised to teach them Go Fish and Crazy Eight first thing in the morning. By 6:30 I had shuffled and dealt the cards. And then the mechanics. Tato argued that if he turned the card upside down the spade could be a heart. When did he turn into such a wise ass? I guess I didn't take into account little hands couldn't possibly hold the cards together. Or that four year olds look at everyone else's cards except their own. We did breakfast, moved on to puzzles then did a little TV when I needed to catch up on some work. Lunch followed then we were off to do what felt like a million and one errands. With the sun still up we managed more puzzles, more card games, then dinner. With MacDaddy away for the week , a slumber party for three in my room seemed like a good idea. We all piled in and called it a day thirteen or so hours later.

Somewhere under the scorching heat in Langkawi, Malaysia on this very day and in the time we managed to do all of that, the LilBro had one hell of a day. And I'm sure his began way before ours did. He must have played the scene over and over in his head. Oh and the hours he put in! Unbelievable. I kept tabs through his little cyber corner over here. That little boy we used to bribe to take his shirt off while dancing to Village People was hell bent on being an Ironman. I thought he was crazy when he told me he wanted to do this. But I also know something about people and dreams. And know you'd be crazier not to chase after a dream. And so like that package from Shopbop you can't wait to get your hands on, I tracked him down on the website like a mad woman.

keeping track

Swim? Check. Sigh of relief. Bike? Done. Can exhale now. Run? All done. I could finally sleep easy. Thirteen hours and fifty five minutes later he was officially an Ironman. Amazing. And really. He is.

For my brother, who makes me want to push harder.


Nona said...

Congratulations Javy! Ironman! Love the picture : )

JavyO said...

Thanks Sann.

Its the thought of you guys which really kept me going. There's an Australian Pro (Amanda Balding) who, like you is a breast cancer survivor. I met her before the race, and during the race, everytime we crossed paths, we egged each other on. I thought of you and what you went thru every single time. You are the original IRONWOMAN Sann :)

Luvya Guys!

Adele said...

I'm speechless, teary-eyed, and super BLESSED!

Cely said...

Oh God, wow! Congratulation to you, Javy. What an awesome achievement! I'm admiring!
Dear Nana, I'm speechless too. This entry and these comments are SO touching ♥

Camille said...

tita ades, me too! speechless and teary eyed indeed. you have loads to be proud of. congrats ironman, ironsann and ironmama!

mingnaru said...
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mingnaru said...
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mireille Tolentino said...

aw man, tears falling here! you guys are amazing, you inspire me to overcome anything!

Barni said...

Go Javy! And you're right about your big sis!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Lucky for me and my Stilettos, I read Ironman's response (and this entry) on FB so as I sit in a public space *this client I am currently consulting with has an open plan* there are no tears, just a big smile beaming ear to ear.

An Ironsann, an Ironman and not to forget the miracle Irontwins we never expected.

With all life's surprises, twists, and turns it's always AMAZING (a superlative I learn our 4 year olds reserve for the highest degrees of merit) that we never get what we THINK we want, but we always get exactly what WE DO NEED, and so much more than that.