Feb 18, 2010

Love In The Era Of Mixed Tapes

A short and sweet (two minutes plus plus) and precious film by Luke Snellin that takes us back to the good ol' days when Ipods and playlists didn't exist.

For my four-year old Mak, who loves lipstick kisses and who is holding his breath till classmate Judy is finally ready to be "friends with boys too and not just girls". The day will come. And there will be more Judys. Patience, my dear.


Nona said...

Oh Mik the young Casanova... this film is so you even if you're just 4 years old. Haha! I have seen him in action : )

Ahhh... Mixtapes... I am such a sucker for them. I have this personal belief that if a guy/girl gives you a mixtape (these days "play lists") you like, they are definitely worth getting to know better.

Cely said...

Awww this was adorable!!!

Barni said...

He's such a romantic sensitive soul. Lots of Judys will sigh over this boy, I'm willing to bet.

Camille said...

nona, you took the words right out of my mouth . . . the term "mix/ed tape" throws me back in time to the days when it was one of the coolest gifts your could receive from a boy!