Mar 5, 2010

Kids' Summer Programs

Hey Nana, I know you're interested in potential summer programs for the kids. These flyers have been sitting on my desk for some time and I thought I should share with our gazillion readers too. Gazillion where?! Well, these copies are yours because we're all signed up.

Bear and Chicha have been doing Explorations Preschool's summer programs for years. They love it. Chicha is doing another round of Fabulously Fun Playgroup. For more information on other Explorations summer programs, you should go to their website. You can also call them at 724-4271 or 724-3320.

Bear is a big boy now and a certified Lego geek so we were happy to know he can work on the NXT Robot kits at Keys this summer. No need to wait until middle school to do Robotics... yay! Someone at home is pumped for this. The summer program flyer hasn't been uploaded yet in the Keys Grade School website, but I took the low-tech route of uploading a picture here. Pasenya na, but just click picture to enlarge.

If interested, folks can call Keys Grade School at 727-9357. Go... there's yoga to be conducted by Yoga Wholistics, photography taught by an award-winning lensman, Hip Hop with an actual Philippine All-Star, My Masterpiece creativity classes with a Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology theme, and so much more. It's March already... school year is about to end... how time flies.


Vannie said...


great seeing you again after so many years. sayang, time was short, but hopefully we can meet again and chat and all.

anyways, just dropped by to say hi and thanks for meeting me in explorations, and i was amused that you have posted this... I just posted a similar entry too hahaha!

eanna will take up the regular program so she'd get to experience the regular classes offered, plus possibly the arts class. Hopefully next year she and chicha will be in the same summer program. btw, i saw her and she's soooo beautiful, she looks like you hahahah!

see you soon!

Nona said...

Hi Vannie! Yup, that was a nice little reunion. Eanna will love her future school... the spunky ones love Explorations - and eventually Keys : ) See ya!

tashie's mommy said...

Thank you for posting this just as I've been looking for interesting summer activities for my daughter. I signed her up right away. My husband thanks you, Nona for finally getting me to update my taste in music, and he asked me to share this one with you. He says it was made by the MIT students shown cheering at the end. Hope you enjoy it as we did.

tashie's mommy said...

I forgot to paste it! Here it is:

Nona said...

Cool. Hope Tashie enjoys! Thanks also to Tashie's Pop... but where's the link? : )

BTW, you're right. Concert Gods not mad anymore. We snagged tickets to Kings of Convenience. Parents' night out... yay!