Mar 22, 2010

Play Time

School's out. Hellooo Summer. This proud mama (and MacDaddy and MammaMia, and GrandmaB and GrandadDoc and LaT and the Titas) had a ball watching each boy perform in the school's closing programs.

Oh Tato. He was up on stage alright. He went through the motions. But he had this expression in his eyes, the melt-your-heart kind that seemed to plead 'Someone.. get me out of here. Quick. I'd rather be down there with the rest of you. Or anywhere else'. Cutiepie.

As for Mak, it seems he has found his second home. On stage. No one at our own home needed a calendar to know it was program day for him. He was marching around the house singing and saying his and everyone's lines as soon as his eyes popped open. More practice, more singing all the way until he was school-bound. He didn't get his wish. Little Miss Narrator was healthy as an ox and didn't quite need the help of Mr. Understudy. But he sang and delivered his own lines like there was no tomorrow. Or probably crossed his fingers he could do it again for more tomorrows. Mak falling in love with the stage. Who knew?

Extra special props to the Philippine Montessori Center's Instrumental Ensemble. Incredible bunch of kids. Four to six-year olds churning out ear candy using marimbas, metallophones, glockenspiels. (Confession: I had to spell check those) So amazing that the mini musicians are off to New York to perform at the Lincoln and Kaufman Centers.

The music program at the school kicks butt. Hats off to all the teachers too. Can't wait till next school year. In the meantime summer is calling.


Nona said...

Way to go boys! Cheers to future performances Mik! One day they'll realize you deserve a starring role : ) Tato you showed great bravery by just staying up on stage : ) Behind the scenes folk are very important too dearie : )

Barni said...

Shudder. Memories flooding back. I remember asking Teacher Lois "he's playing a glocken-what?" Your boys are growing as quickly and wildly as bouganvilla vines. They're still worlds apart in personality! I love that about them! Props, boys — and to you, their mama.

Cely said...

Awww Nana, how cute they are? Almost too adorable for words!
Tato is handsome in yellow and Mak looks totally in his element! Congrats, boys!!

Oh, by the way, after seeing your pics, Emma said: "Cuter than cute. I love them!!" hahaha
Enjoy your summer!

flower said...

hey guys! this brought home memories... i was actually the (hen) narrator in our play when i was in that same school!

and yes, i did love the music program then... (ummm that must have been almost 30 years ago!)

Strategic Stiletto said...

Am sure Tito Carlos is extremely proud of Mak and his budding showbiz skills. Wait, does he now know the lyrics to all of Martin's songs?!

Nana said...

Thanks, equally supportive and proud titas!

Flower, i used to be narrator also in that same school. And I was there 30 plus plus years ago!

Tish, you mean... Chris MARTIN? haha. Good save!

Adele said...

it was DEJA VU for mamamia as i watched both playlets. i greatly admire this school, its teachers and its advocacies. and meeting the school directress who is the same one as 35 years ago was awesome. kudos to MIK and TATO! hope you invite me for the next ones!

Nana said...

And thanks for taking me to that school, mamma mia. So glad I have the chance to take the boys there too!