Mar 29, 2010

Nana I

I love hearing stories about my grandmother, mom's mom. The real Nana was cool, grace and spunk all rolled into one. She could whip up a super souffle, mix a mean cocktail, down it and entertain us with her stories. At the same time.
The Mak-Tatos and I (we missed you MacDaddy!) just got back from the mountains up North. We were there to attend a golf tournament that honored Original Nana.

Original Nana's daughters and great grandkids posing with the welcome sign

The family at the awarding ceremony

We stayed at Nana I's place. Kitchen looking exactly the way she left it.

Nana I's grandkids circa 1978.

New generation: Nana I's great grandkids. March 2010

You see apart from being all cool and super and grand like I told you, she helped change the landscape of women's golf in the country forever. Because of her, us girls now have equal rights in what was once a testosterone-filled arena. She was one of the few women on the rules committee (or was she the only one? must check sources). At an age when most people retired, she began a career as general manager for a golf club that didn't even allow women to step foot in the club on certain days. She knew every rule in the game by heart and led by example. I once whined to her that MacDaddy, BigBro and I were disqualified from a tournament we could have won because of some careless move we didn't even realize we did. Hellooo... whatever happened to good intentions? She said they were right and didn't join our pity party. She showed everyone who knew her that she embraced the rules but knew how to break out of the mold. I told you she was cool. Didn't I?


Nona said...

For your Nana to kick-ass in a very male dominated golf world, in a tends-to-be chauvinist country is beyond cool my dear : ) Cheers to the wonderful woman!

Cely said...

Absolutely beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree with Nona: Your grandmother was beyond cool.
I'm sure she was an amazing woman, who changed many women's lives. Wait... Just like you, my dear Nana.

Nana said...

Thanks, Nona and Cely! Yup.. she was something!