Mar 20, 2010

Insufferable Robot In Paris

Or... boy who has an insufferable hope to see the French capital and an insufferable obsession with robots.

The 6-year-old above dreams of going to Paris. Bear wants to go the top of the Eiffel Tower. He thinks "square steeples" like the ones at Notre Dame are "nice" and better than "round steeples" like those at that church across the Mall of Asia. Random observations like that make me call him Mr. Opinionator.

He also loves robots. He's psyched about trying his hand at LEGO NXT robotics this summer. His signature dance move? The Robot. When his art teacher asked him to show her how he understood symmetry, he created Robot Skunk.

One day I want to enjoy Paris with Bear too, plus Pappy and Chicha of course. Hey, if you write about a wish on the Internet it will come true. Really.

While the wish has yet to come alive, here's a lovely little movie about A ROBOT ENJOYING PARIS, that actually inspired this random brain fart post. This video has Baby Bear written all over it. It's a robot taking in Parisian charm on a sunny day, playing with kids in lovely sweaters, ladies with long legs and nice shoes, snap-happy tourists, parks, fountains, Gothic architecture and a soundtrack called I'm Not The Lonely Son. Swoon...

A day in PARIS from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

Look ma, no teef.

I never realized how adorable a toothless grin could be. Maybe because he once lived inside my uterus? Now I'm being insufferable....


Nana said...

Very cool! Toothless Bear already? I want Tooth Fairy kwento!

Nona said...

He already lost 2 bottom teeth last year. The 2 uppers rocked together and we just had them removed by the dentist. Now, only pros for him. He likes the dentist more than daddy and his sinulid! hahaha!

He has a growing tooth fairy fund. He has not spent a single cent since tooth no. 1. He's saving up for the Lego (what else) Minataur Board Game. This one definitely passed the marshmallow test : )

Cely said...

I agree. What a cute toothless grin!
Bear really likes the dentist??? He's braver than me!! haha

Nona said...

Hi Cely : ) He just prefers the dentist over his dad yanking out his tooth with a thread : )