May 13, 2009

the sartorial adventures of little chicha

This is Chicha. Starting age 2 she already had very definite ideas about what to wear.  

A tutu with rubber shoes or crocs to the playground, magic wand in hand. A long white, formal smock dress to the grocery. She's worn similar fancy dresses for her naps, because she explains: "I sleep like pwincess."

I'll put my foot down if ever she asks to wear a bikini in winter.  But I often just give in to her quirky clothes choices because... viva creative expression!

She's 3 now and even more adamant about what she should be wearing. Sometimes though I feel like putting a sign on her that says: I did not dress this child. There were plenty crazier original chicha ensembles that I wish I had captured, but here are some recent ones. Let's call this Pambahay Chicha Style 2009:

She likes pink in all shades. Knee socks 

I make her wear at home to protect from mosquito bites 

- but they need some funky prints for her to wear them. 

It seems the plain white ones I first got were... boring?

She's also worn those socks with my high heels. 3 inches, no tripping!

Not a very good picture (flash, yikes).  

But what a combo the suzy wong dress and cowboy hat.

An old bimpo she fashions into a scarf. 

My Melody chopstick case as a brooch of sorts... 

For the record, we can also both be totally in synch fashion-wise a lot of times. 


I'm betting one day she'll be fashion savvier then me (besides, I'm no pro stylista anyway). In the meantime, she's still wearing those silly knee socks and tutus to not-so-appropriate places. Maybe it's just me... but I think she wears it well!


Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

She wears it with such aplomb! Go Paching!

jona said...

haha! how cute! i don't remember ever being that particular about my clothes when i was a kid.

Viva La Vida Mama said...

she always likes the dresses you get her barn. ninang for life!

hey jona! i was a BIT particular about some things. but not like her and not at 2 or 3 : )

jochebed said...

haha i was inspired by chich to buy a tutu skirt but i'm still channeling her powers to actually wear it. :p

Viva La Vida Mama said...

you have the power jojie... now get that tutu!

miri said...

I LOVE your little chic's innate sense of syle- please nurture that by all means :-)