May 25, 2009

cool stuff - frank lloyd wright meets LEGO

Did I say over at my JOB WELL DONE post that "too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing"? Am I allowed to take it back? I just saw two of my favorite things come together and its GOOOOOD!
Imagine LEGO (which I have always loved)
and FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (who I have always adored)
Then comes this:

LEGO and The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation just released this new collection including two of Wright's most famous structures, the Guggenheim museum and 'Fallingwater'. You can read all about it over at prairiemod.
I can't say for sure all the Mak-Tatos of this world will get a kick out of this but a few of us grownups will certainly be spending more time in the playroom way after they've gone to bed. A stroke of genius! It should be available for purchase any minute now. Now how to get my hands on this.
Did I say over in that same post that I'd hold back on the GOOD JOBs? Can I sort of take that back too? Just this once?


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