May 7, 2009

push... push... publish!

My turn for a little introduction. Here are ten random things you may or may not care to know about this mama:

1. Producing and writing TV news was great. I also enjoy dabbling in interior design. Freelance writing is a welcome diversion that pays (a bit). But being a mom is the best working project I have ever had.

2. I think my kids are the coolest people in the world.

3. I want my kids to know that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

4. I believe strongly in progressive education.

5. I have a thing for geeks. Crushes include: Barack Obama, Danny Boyle, Ezra Koenig, Spike Jonze, Conan O'Brien fictional characters like Bill Compton and in my youth Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk.

6. I married the love of my life who IS a geek and who happens to be hot at the same time. Jackpot!

7. I was once diagnosed as being manic-depressive. I have also experienced panic attacks. 

8. I think people should not be ashamed of having experienced depression or panic attacks - like many are here in Manila. Do I smell an advocacy? A psychologist or psychiatrist can save your life. So can yoga and running – some of my other sanity-savers.

9. I turned 37 this year and realized: I complain less, I am more grateful, and am much less judgmental than I used to be. So though I was the original Ms. Angst and Anxiety... I am now much happier for it.

10. In this blog I call myself Nona – that’s what I call my dearest grandmother. I think it’s perfect because this is about my own journey through motherhood – and I aspire to be a good mother like my Nona, just like she had raised me. 

Moments with the original Nona....I miss her so much.

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Cholo Laurel said...

what a fitting day to publish such beautiful emotions!

Nona was indeed a wonderful woman, an amazing mother and a great human being...I know that she is teary eyed reading this blog (they must have very fast connection in heaven!)

Thank you. This put a lot of things back in perspective for me.

Congratulations to you for taking after Nona!

Tito Cholo