May 15, 2009

viva la geekery

As an addendum to my already kilometric post taming the wild child, here's a quote from Star Trek Deep Space Nine:

"What are you telling me, my baby's just... sad?"

"Perhaps he's become prematurely aware of life's existential isolation."

"You're sure it's not a rash?"

"Look at the bright side: he'll probably be a great poet."

O'Brien and Bashir, on Kirayoshi's constant crying 

DS9 / "Business as Usual"

Haha! This is funny to me and maybe 10 other people on the planet. But oblige me since the new Star Trek movie is out and director JJ Abrams totally rocked it. Just one little example: he "reveals" to us that the young James Tiberius Kirk once took the car without his mom's permission and drove off blasting the Beastie Boys' Sabotage. But of course this makes total sense to me in so many levels! Anyway....

Saw the movie last weekend as part of my mother's day extravaganza which included: artwork lovingly made by Chicha and Baby Bear, from Pappy (the husband) something "practical" from the Mac store, plus date night involving thin crust pizza and Star Trek on the big screen. Happy Mother's day yeah!

My weekend wish for everyone: "live long and prosper"... and get yourselves to MOA to see this on IMAX... or any theatre near you. Pappy and I are trekkers, yes. But I think even non-geeks should enjoy.  It pays respect to Gene Roddenberry, but it's entertaining enough for short attention spans. Really.

Oh and... thank you to Baby Bear and Chichas' Teacher Jojie who brought above DS9 qoute to light. They have the coolest teachers, I love it.


Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Let's spark a geeky debate - you're Trekkers not Trekkies. :)

Viva La Vida Mama said...

After reading your comment I had to google "trekker vs. trekkie". So I stumbled on is this long meme about it. One item: "A Trekker knows that there are gaping holes in the technology, but ignores them and enjoys the show. A Trekkie can't wait for the price to come down on those home food replicator units."

If it was just all up to that meme... Crap... we are trekkers then. Geeky debate over.

It's just that, trekkies is the term often heard and used by mainstream media! hahaha!

Viva La Vida Mama said...

Oh and Barn... I'm sure you count among the ten other people that found that trek quote re Kirayoshi being a high-needs-baby/possible future poet funny.

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Dialogue was hilarious but had to ask Mark to remind me who the characters were. Never got into Deep Space Nine and skipped straight to Voyager. :) Leonard Nimoy ends all debate and simply says the correct term is Trekkers. I'm not sure why.