May 26, 2009

lego out of the box

Oooh Lego! Must express some love for you just like Nana did in her previous post.  She is drooling over the Frank Lloyd Wright set, but her godson - who has yet to grasp the architect's genius - is currently more interested in Star Wars.  So to date, Baby Bear's favorite Lego set is this one....

Nana, the Mak-Tatos seemed pretty interested in Star Wars too....

when Bear shared his Star Wars pop-up book with them in Subic. 

Try asking them what an AT-AT Walker is!

Pappy actually got pretty far trying to build the ship as it appears on the box. But there was a waiting period involved and other pieces lying around so...  tadaaah!

Baby Bear just built what he calls an "attack walker" all on his own. He also preferred to be his own "engineer" rather than Pappy's assistant! 

And why just build one ship when you can create an entire "attack station"? Again, "attack station" is Bear's term, not mine.

In the end, we ditched Pappy's plan to help Baby Bear create the ship as-per-instructions. Instead, we just let him think out-of-the-box. Turned out way cooler.

I must also thank Lego for keeping him quietly busy for hours on end this summer. Not to mention engaged in some serious creative play.

Baby Bear working with his hands and thinking out of the box. 

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