May 5, 2009

an introduction is due

10 Random Things About This Mama:

1. College prepared me for law school (which I seemed to have forgotten to go to), I manufacture furniture, would love to own a stationery company, work with women with breast cancer and am a frustrated preschool teacher. How's that for a career path?

2. I love to teach my kids to sing, but can't sing a single note in tune.

3. I married the son of my pediatrician.

4. I just enrolled my boys in the same preschool I went to 34 years ago.

5. I was born five days before Christmas and my grandmother wanted to call me Christmas. My mom stuck to her guns and fought the good fight. (Thank you Mom!)

6. My middle names are Maria del Tremedal. (Mom didn't fight as hard apparently. See above)

7. My boys think my first name is Gorgeous. It was funny a year ago but now I don't know how to tell them I've been lying.

8. I gave birth to my twin boys on their dad and grand dad's birthday.

9. I am a decade old survivor

10. In this corner of cyberspace I shall be Nana - borrowed from my ultra cool grandmother who taught me how to drink my first scotch, introduced me to the game of golf and showed me I could be anything I wanted to be.

Nana and me, 1973


Cholo Laurel said...
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kool nani said...

hi nana II,
it's gratifying to know that nana I's legacy left a big imprint in your memory, as it did in mine.
p.s. i had no choice on the MARIA DEL TREMEDAL. this olives branch is staunchly and stubbornly proud of this supposed saintly connection. be grateful you were born female. your brothers' middle names are TADEO MARIA DEL TREMEDAL. how's that for "consuelo de boba?" (no pun intended)
cheers to you and nona on this new blog. love ya, nani

Strategic Stiletto said...

As always, I brim with pride and excitement and can't wait to see where these explorations take me. Motherhood is something that has always inspired great awe in me.

As your Lola B and one of many fans & advocates, I have happily allowed all my nieces and nephews to change the shape of my heart and teach me in the simplest, most profound ways that love does grow. And to you, the mothers who make this tita's heart pulsate and shapeshift, I can never thank you enough for such miracles, such angels, such gifts. Nana's light shines bright and brave in your eyes, dear cousin.

Big love and happy mother's day to you & Nona.

Cely said...

This is really an interesting post and a great way for an introduction! Thanks, the #7 is hilarious!!