Jun 5, 2009


The New York Times has this fantastic web project called One in 8 Million featuring some great characters from their great home city. No celebrities, just real people living quietly extraordinary lives. Basically it's beautiful pictures telling even more beautiful stories.

Their feature on Ms. May Wong Lee is a touching ode to adoptive mothers. She and her husband already had three biological sons when they decided to adopt a 3-year-old girl from Ethiopia. Turned out their adopted daughter Mebrat was already 6-years-old - just malnourished. Here's their story.


jona said...

i love this series!

Nona said...

me too jona! may wong lee, the one about the gay girl at the piers and the dad who had to deliver his own baby are my faves - so far. not exactly what we used to do together for tv, but this made me miss production work... new media! web naman : ) i bet naiyak ka kay may wong lee.