Jun 12, 2009

ken robinson advocates for real learning

It's back-to-school season and just the right time for me to post my top favorite TED Talk featuring Ken Robinson. I had actually discovered the fantastic TED website because of him. That was back in 2006, when I started my serial-googling about all things child development, learning and education. We have two small human beings at home that we have to put through school for the next 15 to 20 years. I had to get cracking on some research. There's so much information and insights out there.

But Robinson really struck a chord. He makes such a compelling case for seriously re-thinking how schools should work for our children -- and he means ALL children with their multiple intelligences and different learning styles. It's time to get past the attitude of "it was good for us then, so it should be good for them now". The world is changing. The results are in from years of research and experiences in human development. It's time our children benefit from all this. And benefit from ideas shared by great minds like Ken Robinson. Set aside the 20 minutes to watch this please.


Michelle said...

I love this guy too! What a geeky comment Ha Ha. A few years back when I didn't know him, he walked on stage and we were all blown away. Brilliant.

Nona said...

Where you at this TED Talk? Wow : )

Michelle said...

How I wish! I was just lucky he was a speaker at another event :)