Jun 22, 2009

sprouting wings on his uniform

Today Baby Bear is officially no longer a preschooler. It was his first day in Keys Grade School. Prep boy must now wear a uniform.

In the car going to Keys, he tells me about a kinder classmate he had bumped into in the music school he went to over the summer. This probably came up because he knows he's going to be classmates with Marco again this year.

Bear: Marco is shy with me Ma.
Me: Really? But you're old friends... you'll see him again later.
Bear: When you don't see your friends for a long time you get shy Ma.
Me: True. That happens sometimes.
Bear: Yeah. Then we'll be friends again.

We got to school and as I bid him see-you-later, he spotted some former kinder buddies and eagerly climbed the steps that led to his new classroom. He said bye ma! - without looking back. I didn't even get the chance to give him a farewell hug.

My heart skipped a beat for the once-clingy toddler who had to hurdle some separation anxiety issues back in preschool. Wasn't it just 5-minutes ago when his first schoolteacher (the lovely Monique) would recount how he'd sing the welcome song while valiantly trying to hold back tears?

This morning was so different. It seems he was just so eager to re-kindle old friendships and make new ones. Maybe check out his new classroom and what's up for outdoor play. So... I am excited for the new discoveries and adventures that await him. But then, also a tad melancholy.


Nana said...

You too! I suspect were going to need a tad bit more than that Sauvignon Blanc. Haha!

Cely said...

Best of luck to Baby Bear!! I hope his first day at school goes well.

Nona said...

So far so good Cely : ) Thanks : )

jochebed said...

just last wed, i bumped into pauline & pat dy at ristras (grabe adik na'ko); and there was taaall kaz with them.

i can still remember when i was a practicumer and they were my nursery babies. now they're conquering KEYS. *sniff.

Nona said...


That's right Jojie, you met them you were not even officially a teacher yet. If you really miss them, move to Keys, be the choir teacher and we'll call you Ms. B : )

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Don't worry -I think I was the biggest mom wreck in this back-to-school week. I mean first he's in preschool, and then - hyperdrive - suddenly he's a second grader??! In the chinos and light blue polo uniform? It was like he morphed, and I blinked and missed it. I walked in a daze that whole Monday.

Babybear is so so grown-up. But these Scorpios are such sensitive souls, I'm sure his Oedipus radar is still blinking.