Jun 11, 2009

sort of rocket science

The pouring rain these last couple of weeks and our visit to the Ocean Park and Avilon Zoo this week got me thinking. Apart from letting the boys tag along with me to the shopping malls (too crowded), the track and field (too wet), the grocery (too many extra purchases), this town is in dire need of really cool places to take the kids. Until this:

The Mind Museum, set to open its doors on a sprawling property in Bonifacio Global City in 2011, is just what I was hoping for. And more.

With a budget of roughly a billion pesos, this state-of-the-art science museum promises to 'present science in a fascinating way'. It will consist of at least five galleries and over a hundred interactive and multi-sensory exhibits designed by experts of various fields including several Filipino artists.
Fascinating right?

There will also be a Hall of Philippine Science, a showcase celebrating our own scientific contributions to the world. It's about time.

You can drool while reading all about it here.
Waiting. Holding my breath. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Nona said...

Very promising!

Cely said...

This is a very exciting project! I cross the fingers with you!

Manny said...

Hi! This is the Managing Director of The Mind Museum. Thanks for writing about the project. You can un-cross your fingers. We have raised 77% of P 1 billion and we are scheduled to break ground in November 2009. Still, we have the balance to raise. If you have friends who would like to be part of a network to raise funds for the museum, let me know. - Manny at manuel.blas2@gmail.com.

Nana said...

Fingers un-crossed then. Thank you for the update and for giving us something to look forward to. We'll be counting down the days with you