Jun 30, 2009

pretty little smocked dresses

I remember feeling oh-so pretty wearing my favorite smocked dress when I was small. Thirty-odd years later, that pale green dress with tiny yellow flowers is gone. But the love for smocked prettiness isn't, as it seems to be ingrained in our DNA. Or it's just classic. My little Chicha adores smocked dresses, as if she knows the kind of fine handwork that goes into them.

And she's a lucky girl. Her Tita Nana's godmother makes the best ones in town. We love Ines Moda Infantil. They even made the flower girls' outfits for my wedding. Flashback to the year 2000... those smocked dresses in gun-metal grey... lovely and adorable but rocked at the same time.

Now back to the present... our little girl is the one wearing the smocks.

When Chicha was asked to model Ines Moda Infantil's latest line of cute-couture, it wasn't hard to make her play dress-up.

It was probably like asking me to model Lanvin or something. As if. Ha! Well, our little model-for-a-day enjoyed herself. No toddler diva-ness at the photo shoot. She definitely earned her pay.

If you like the dresses, Nana has details where you can get them. No need to wait for the Negros Trade Fair - or buy them abroad in fancy-schmancy stores. Yes, they're made in the good-old Philippines. Just read Nana's post below.


Cely said...

Aww, Chicha is absolutely beautiful, Nona! And the dresses look so great on her!
Ines Moda Infantil has got a new fan from the other side of the World!

jona. said...

aww. she looks so pretty! and i want those dresses for myself! haha!

kool nani said...

i heard she was a real pro during the shoot!

Nona said...

Nani... Hannah and Monica handled the shoot very well : )

Thanks Cely! Emma would look super gorgeous in those dresses : )

Jonah... Prada did smock a few years back. Bagay sa atin yun!

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

Slap to the forehead! Now I know how to make her happy during a shoot! :)