Jun 7, 2009

saving our water

All this rain these last couple of days hasn't been good for us. The boys (yes all three) were practically climbing the walls. MacDaddy, the Mak-Tatos and I headed for sanity and the Manila Ocean Park. It felt good to be out. They got to run around and went on some sort of "speed aquarium-hopping frenzy".

After finally settling down and ogling at the manta rays for a good seven minutes (that's a lot in our books) , we chanced upon the interactive exhibit Water: Sustaining Life on Earth.

Through this exhibit, Coca Cola, the World Widlife Fund for Nature and the Park promote awareness and touch on the all-important issues such as water pollution and conservation. I attempted to explain to Mak and Tato what the exhibit was all about. All in vain. Those hours cooped up at home didn't help. They were only interested in pressing all the buttons in the diorama and displays. Like nature's idea of a very bad joke, we passed the glass wall at the end of the exhibit overlooking Manila Bay. There was so much trash floating in the rough waters. It was hard, even for my two little ones, to ignore.

Mak: "Mama, look the bad man threw basura (trash)"

Tato: "Then the fish will bite it"
Mak: "And sleep forever"

Lesson learned. Apparently.


Cely said...

It's quite amazing how children understand things. What a great outing!

Barni Alunan-Escaler said...

You sure I can't give you a writing assignment? :( I enjoy all your posts.