Jun 27, 2009

storytelling workshop anyone?

On a Saturday this July 11 from 8:00 to 11:30 AM, there will be a workshop for storytellers at the Museo Pambata. It will be given by Gcina Mhlophe who is described as a "well-known South African freedom fighter, activist, storyteller, poet, playwright, director and author". Click on the poster for details.

In case poster is unreadable... Gcina Mhlophe will share her views and ideas on what makes a good storyteller. She tells stories to keep history alive and to encourage children to read.

Workshop fee of Php 300 includes a workshop kit, snack and coffee, tea or juice. We are encouraged to book early as seats are limited. For information, contact Liza Lim at 523-1797/98, 536-0595 or email info@museopambata.org.

This looks very interesting. Anyone else want to go? How do you pronounce her name? I wonder if she has a TED Talk... she seems like the type.


Anonymous said...

i like i like... interesting!

- mocs

Nona said...

let's go mocs : ) explo contingent!

miri said...

i would really like to go to this ! Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed

Nona said...

Miri, Barn and I are booked : ) Come and sit with us!

miri said...

ok sounds good ill call tom