Sep 9, 2009

Books, Books, Books

I love shopping for books. Before I used to just love shopping - period. But motherhood happens and then the budget issue brought about by two expensive little humans skews all things. So I can forego the bag or shoes, but beauties like these are must-haves....

This one especially for Chicha, a book about great women to look up to.

Eleanor's house.

The view from Amelia's plane.

Now this book hardly has any words, which is the point actually.

The power of the simple yet high-impact visual.

Great aesthetic influences for kids who love picture books.

I bought the books above at the Scholastic warehouse in Pasig. Big savings! They have by-invitation sales and I promise to announce when those are. Book-lovers stay-tuned. They have the Star Wars Special Edition pop-up book complete with light sabers that actually LIGHT-UP as they pop out of the pages. It was a feat in paper engineering that blew Bear away. They also had Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen... POP-UP edition. That blew all of us away... Ok, I'll stop now. The Scholastic warehouse rocks!


Barni said...

Nons - take me, take me!!!! I want those pop-ups!!!

Nana said...

I want to go too! Looks like the perfect place to Christmas shop

Nona said...

Barns and Nana let's go. Imagine: the Amelia and Eleanor book (big, hard-bound, with jacket) P495! And that's not even sale price. They'll have another sale this November and/or December. On non-sale days we just have to call them ahead to expect us : )

Barn, remember I got Jackaroo the giant Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar? From Scholastic : )

Cely said...

It's exactly what I wanted to say: You found the perfect place to Christmas shop!!
I'd like to go there!

Barni said...

Yes - you told me. Yay, me and my girls! Nona, Nana -let's kill the warehouse and drag it by the hair!