Sep 28, 2009

Lending A Hand For Ondoy's Victims

Even little hands can help. Kind of... Right Nana?

Nana's living room is rice-packing central.

Boys cleaning up their spillage from rice re-packaging.

For Ondoy Relief donors, it's best to re-pack rice into single kilo bags to make it easier and faster for donation centers to get them out. Goods are pouring in (thank God) but the re-packing has become a major production. So... you can also go to any center near you and with just your bare hands you can donate your packing skills. Teeners and middle schoolers with no school can have something to do!

Every donation counts. A few sacks of rice will be welcomed in many relief centers, like this one in Whitespace, Pasong Tamo where Viva Mamas and kids dropped-of an afternoon's worth of rice re-packing. Whitespace will be open for donation drop-offs until this Friday October 2.

Packed and ready for distribution.

Boxes of goods that still need to be sorted and re-packed.

At the Ortigas area, the Mega Tent on Meralco Avenue (beside Renaissance Towers and across The Alexandra) is accepting donations 24-hours-a-day until Friday October 2. Some nice student volunteers from UAP will be on hand to accept, gather and sort all your donations.

Needs include: RICE, BEANS especially MUNGGO, CANNED SARDINES, TUNA, INSTANT NOODLES, CRACKERS, BREAD, MILK, BASIC MEDICINE and FIRST AID SUPPLIES, SOAP, TOWELS, BLANKETS and CLOTHES. WATER is also a major need, but best for distribution are bottles that are 500ml size or slightly larger. Too big and the water bottles are hard to distribute.

For people all over the Philippines and around the world click here to see where it would be most convenient for you to donate or lend a hand. A lot of people hit hard by Ondoy need our help. Keep those donations coming. This will have to be sustained for some time. For now....

Thanks for lending a hand Tato.

You deserved that ice cream break Bear and Mak.

Over dinner tonight Chicha tells us: Today we went to a very responsible place.

Her dad was so amused! I think I catch her drift.


denise said...

classic: OC tato cleaning windows and Mak mak eating

Camille said...

great job guys! and even better is the fact that you're already exposing your kids this early.

we're also doing stuff out here, if you have friends in hongkong who want to help or donate, please give them my contact details.

Barni said...

Ha ha! Parang the last two photos are how I imagine them to be in PMC. :)

Cely said...

Beautiful what you all have done today. I wish I could do something from here other than pray...

I clicked on the link, but i must be stupid: I don't understand how to use it! :-(

Nona said...

Hi Cely! On the lower part of the page you will find tabs according to area/locations. If you want to donate, you should click on the tab "online/international"... for people in Europe, so far the best option would be sending to The Jesuit Foundation in New York. That listing still does not have anything right there in the EU. Thank you for thinking of our country : )

Hey Barn... what's PMC? Montessori?

Will do Camille : ) Facebook has been so helpful during these times don't you think? I'm sure you are getting a lot of responses from there.

Hey Denise! Classic talaga : )

Cely said...

Hi Nona! Thanks for your help! I'll retry this afternoon.
Now, I just heard a new cyclone is heading towards you. Is that true? I'm so worry...

Strategic Stiletto said...

Good thing Tato is too young to work out the logic of scales...otherwise he's obsess over completely equal rations!

This is awesome, Nana. There is a ton of work yet to be done. If we all keep doing our share, then the challenge will not be daunting at all.