Sep 11, 2009

LEGO Lodging

It's pretty obvious were fans as we talked about it here , here and here . But there probably isn't a bigger fan than James May. In his BBC series, James May's Toy Stories, this toy lover toasts Britain's favorite toys by celebrating them in the grandest ways. He has already completed the world's first plasticine garden and the world's largest model plane.
He recently set his sights on crowd-favorite LEGO. And was deadset on building the first life-size, two-storey LEGO house made out of more than three million bricks, complete with a functioning staircase, shower and toilet. All made from LEGO. Thousands of volunteers showed up to lend a helping hand and to make his dream a reality - brick by brick by brick. The house is minutes away from being completed. What a feat.

You can check out a whole bunch of other pictures here

James May plans to live in it for a few days or "until it falls down - whichever is sooner". Oh, did I mention the house is situated in the middle of a vineyard in Surrey, England. So that's lego PLUS red wine. What more can I say?


Cely said...

Wow! What could I say more than that? It would worth another trip in England just to see this amazing place! Thanks for sharing!

Nana said...

Cely, if it lasts long enough! No one knows how long it will hold up. Cool project though. Would have loved to bring the boys to help build it

Paging Nona: VivaMama project II? Bear can be our project manager.

Nona said...

Bear hasn't seen this yet... It will blow his mind! And of course he's shoo-in for project manager : )