Sep 26, 2009

Human Cloning

It isn't what you're thinking. We just touched on navigating religion. We all need a little bit more time to ponder on that.

In the meantime, there is non-stop rain with streets nearby in thigh-high water. Our major thoroughfares are currently virtual parking lots. Some friends' living rooms have been transformed into lagoons. On our way home earlier, we needed to find the quickest, safest way back without turning our car into a ship. The boys are asking why rain turns streets into rivers. And if that happens "everywhere in Earth and Mars". I need a bit more time to tell them about that.

Here is the result of rain, cancelled plans, an old photo, a camera and a willing victim.

MacDaddy circa 1972

Mak, an hour ago

A little sunshine on this wet, sunless day. Stay safe. And dry.


Cely said...

So sad. I spent my morning watching news on TV and I have no words. But in the same time, thanks God, I'm SO glad to hear from you dear Nana, what a relief!

About the photos, no doubt possible. Mak's really looks alike his papa!!!

Nona said...

Cuties! Cloned down to the striped shirt!

Imagine if we braved Ban Har? Some people were stuck in EDSA... forever.

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. Yes, it was very frightening. Still is.

Nona, yes. Good thing we turned around and stayed home instead

Barni said...

Not a bad change of plans, Nans! Classic!