Sep 8, 2009

Where The Wild Things Art

Imagine this. You are a self-confessed design junkie married to a great photographer and a blogger over at a really cool site . You happen to be friends with one heck of a talented artist and your two-year old needs to move out of the nursery to make room for the arrival of a little one. What to do? Get everyone's creative juices flowing and go wild. Literally.

No need to imagine. Here it is thanks to the magic of time lapse. 54 hours worth of work, more than 6,000 photographs shot every thirty seconds, a couple of minutes of Radiohead and one hell of an amazing result.

One more look at the mural thanks to Creede Fitch's Flicker

Now who wouldn't go wild over this?


Cely said...

This is awesome!!! I can only dream of having a talent like that!

Barni said...

Times like this I wish our magazines were like the ones in Harry Potter's wizarding world. Then my Moving Up to a Big Kid room story wouldn't be such a logistical nightmare. Very very cool!

Nona said...

as the wild things would say: we love it so!

Nana said...

Cely, me too!

Barns, not so impossible in a few years. I would totally love it! I always look at pictures first. Text next.

Nona, shall we attempt? VidaMama Home Project?