Sep 28, 2009

Nugget Of Wisdom

Hours after I was told I was expecting twins the worrywart in me went on full throttle. I sat around the family dining table rattling off fears – some founded and some downright ridiculous. “What if I can’t tell them apart?” I whined. 6-year old niece, Nix, looked at all the grownups and stared me straight in the face: “I’m sure one will have something special like a mole to help you,” then quickly went back to what she was doing. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about. Mak and Tato looked as different as day and night. And true to a little one’s prediction, they did have something to make each extra special.
Sometimes the words of the wise come from the mouths of fearless, trusting, unconditional little people.

Happy 11th, dear Nix! We would have loved to be there with you. We miss you. A terrible typhoon came and now we can’t even call. To sing you a Happy Birthday. And to listen to your nuggets of wisdom.


Nona said...

That pic... It's like little Nana : ) Happy Birthday Nix! May you grow in wisdom!

Barni said...

I remember that story. Great photo of her. :) Hope she had a wonderful day.

Cely said...

Nice story, Nana! Happy Birthday to your lovely niece!