Sep 14, 2009

Happy Halloweens

Yes you read right and no I haven't completely lost it. I just happen to be right in the middle of organizing this year's Halloween street party for the neighborhood. I have visions of clowns and jugglers, magicians and glitter tattoo artists. I'm seeing shiny, happy people...all under a "circus tent". I hope I can pull it off.
Another year, another halloween. Two pumpkins at twenty eight days.

Race car drivers Michael Scumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, a year old

Boxers Manny Pacquiao and Eric Morales at two

Two faces of Harry Potter at three

Flirting with this idea this year.

Now to get the Mak-Tatos to agree. I hope I can pull this one off too.


Macpapa said...

No Nana, Please not Jacko!

Nana said...

MacDaddy, didn't you get the memo? Were coming as Katherine and Joe Jackson

Nona said...

jacko jacko jacko! haha!

Cely said...

Ohhhhh what a great idea, haha !! How exciting! I'd LOVE to be there to see your Halloween Party! Can't wait to hear from it, that sounds so fun!

PS: Loved the pictures, your boys are so handsome!!

Barni said...

Adorable smashing pumpkins! Who of your boys is willing to be Mrs. Jackson? Michael and Janet na lang who really looked like twins for a time. Or just put blankets over their heads like the kids, but then sayang their good looks. Ha ha! Don't want to give Dr. Seuss's Thing One and Thing Two a go? But then where would you get a blue wig? Ay, how fun to have twins!

Nana said...

Sorry, Macdaddy, majority wins!

The Jackson kids?! Haha. Pwede! I'm just having fun with them as I know this is probably the last year before they start to finally choose their own costumes (sigh).

Camille said...

go jacko! how about a before and after?