Nov 17, 2009

Bear's Birthday Rumpus

Okay, another post to cap Bear's 6th Birthday before the clock strikes twelve. I've been doing birthday videos for the kiddos every year. Since going back to work full-time I didn't think I could do it today.... but but but... here's something quickly thrown together from pictures of this morning's festivities with Bear's Keys classmates. Adorable bunch they are! You'll see Bear's posse doing a birthday dance, the traditional birthday Q and A, two stray boys from a higher class trying to score some fried chicken, etc.... hee hee! Happy meals, happy smiles and a Happy Birthday Boy. He got teary-eyed as I put him to bed awhile ago. Mama, I'm going to miss my birthday!

Today was a very, very good day.... Thank You. Thank you. Thank you.


Barni said...

Such a positive enriching school environment. You've definitely made the right choice. Vico is proof enough.

Nona said...

The kids ARE wonderful. Have you seen this article by Alfie Kohn: It's Keys : ) I should have transcribed birthday Q and A, when the class interviewed Bear. His posse tells him pa before teacher signals start of birthday song "V, we have a birthday dance for you!" Then they bust a move like crazy... There's a boy there that looks like Val (from high school)... that's her son : )

Barni said...

No video of Q and A? jot down what you and V remember before you forget!