Nov 24, 2009

From Tita Faye, With Love

Here's a portrait of 1-year-old Chicha that hangs in her room, lovingly made by her Tita Faye.

Faye is one of my good friends who doesn't just do wonders with Photoshop - she also paints, makes clothes, cooks great lasagna, makes her own tiramisu, makes her own limoncello in the prettiest bottles, designs interiors and a whole lot of other creative stuff.

For no occasion at all, Chicha will get a dress from her, or a skirt or a pair of shorts - all fantastically cute and lovely. I'm going... hey, what's the occasion? Her: Oh I had extra fabric... I think it's more like, she gets inspired and we get gifts all year round. Did I mention she has two adorable kids? Her son is one of Bear's best buddies, who has declared he is marrying Chicha one day. Her daughter is even more charming than the charming, quirky clothes her mom makes for her.

Anywaaay.... One thing Faye and I share is a love for Nena Saguil.

Landscapes of the Mind I, 1969

Landscapes of the Mind II, 1973

Landscapes of the Mind III, 1973

So she sends me this the other day. Me plus Saguil-inspired pointilism equals this...

"Nona Saguil" hee hee!

I don't really like myself in pictures, but I'll take exception if Faye does some magic with the photo. It's not even Christmas yet but the gifts are starting to pour in....


Cely said...

Wow! I love her work and what she has done with your pic! I would kill to have a tiny bit of (her) talent, haha.

Nana said...

Another beauty from Faye! Looking good yourself Nona Saguil - hehe.
I super love the one she made of the Mak-Tatos that you gave me a few Christmases ago.

Barni said...

You and Chich look beautiful! I'm sure Faye had an easy time with you both. Love the effects. She's a great artist.

Nona said...

Oh you three beauties must be photoshopped into abstracts by Faye : ) Creative no? As for me, Photoshop is becoming a MUST : p haha!