Nov 15, 2009

Running, Riding, Ritalin

Somewhere in the middle of soaking up all the sights and trying to get enough sleep to do it, somewhere alongside the Rhone River and next to the nursery rhyme-inspired Avignon Bridge (see them dance, see them dance, on the bridge of Avignon...), I discovered trail running. There was something both exhilarating and calming about it. Stride after stride. Under trees, through rocky paths and over twigs and branches. I think I'm hooked.

Which reminds me... there is an article I've been meaning to share. Props to LilBro for telling me about this read.

An inspiring story about Adam Leibovitz , who after being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and after years of struggling with the side effects of Ritalin, found way more than everyday exercise in those long bike rides with dad. Today he is a living experiment and continues to baffle both the medical community by finding a better solution behind the wheel of his bike than taking the pill in the bottle AND the cycling community with every race he wins.

Its a long one. But a great one. And makes you take a longer, harder look at exercise and fitness. For ourselves and our little ones.


Nona said...

Trail running sounds good, something I'd want to try!

Running, biking, SPORTS... and for one mom I know, swimming regularly and competitively helps her son deal with his ADHD. She's told me jokingly, "if he didn't have swimming he'd probably have burned our house down!" Michael Phelps has/had it too and look at him now.

As for me, running is my Prozac : )

Keep posting about your latest escapades, my writing deadlines are looming. See ya!

Cely said...

Avignon... my biggest deception!
The photos are wonderful... and now, I have the nursery rhyme "Sur le Pont d'Avignon, on y danse, on y danse, sur le Pont d'Avignon on y danse tous en rond" stuck in my head, haha

I've never tried trail running, but it sounds great! I'm proud of you for trying new things! And thank you for sharing the story of Adam Leibovitz. Inspiring.

Cely said...

Errr... I meant "disapointment" not "deception". Damn big (and french!) mistake, sorry!

Nana said...

Nona, let's find a trail in Manila and...just do it!

Cely, haha! And now just trying to pronounce that nursery rhyme correctly seems more challenging than trail running!