Nov 8, 2009

Postcards and Post-Its

Paris looking picture-perfect. Pretty huh?

And notes from home from the Mak-Tatos

From Mak. A "shopping list" of animals for the zoo he would love to own.
Take note: ONLY Bactrian camels. Please.

And a friendly reminder not-so-gentle threat from Tato to get my a$$ back home real soon.


Cely said...

Hahaha, your boys are the funniest!!
I love your pics, Nana! Where was the first photo taken?

Nana said...

Hi Cely. Thanks!
A little corner tucked inside Jardin de Luxembourg.

Barni said...

Ha ha ha! Jaws is CANA bite you. And ok, whose influence is "Bactrian"? I had to look it up!