Nov 19, 2009

'Twas a Trip

Time is up. Show is over. I'm back. Thankful for the adventure that was (it was a trip!) but even more thankful for baby-sitting grandfolks and for the wonderful 21st century treasures like emailing and instant messaging (that was trippy!) that make mothering-on-the-road a tad more bearable.

Mommy Me-Time at the Roman Theater (Orange, Vaucluse)

Mak's daily email (the animal list what else?.. but check out the last ones. Awww.. Let me gush.)

...and journalist on-the-move Tato's regular reports on the goings-on back home. (Take note second e-mail is for mama ONLY in case Papa tries to read over my shoulder. Hehe)

Still gushing.


Cely said...

Aww I really love their emails, they're so cute! I'm sure it was really entertaining to read them everyday!

Oh and, what a fantastic shot of the Theater!

Barni said...

Welcome back dear! You have every right to gush. Any mom would! They have the cutest personalities.

Nana said...

It was Cely, Thank you!

Thanks and See you soon, Barn!