Nov 5, 2009

Textbooks Are So Passe

I love parenting books, but there really is more psycho-hogwash out there as opposed to the real gems. I'm also realizing that the books that truly inspire my own parenting philosophies are not parenting books per se. Cases in point....

I love Ken Robinson. I don't share his exact same definition of success,

but I totally agree with his learning philosophies. Tidbit from this book:

Paul McCartney slept through music class but totally dug Chaucer

thanks to an inspired Literature teacher.

Has the most intriguing, heroic child protagonist in books. Ever.
He makes Holden Caulfield look just like some... whiner.
But, I still love Holden and The Catcher in the Rye.

Though I don't think it was Gladwell's main intention, this makes a good case for

progressive education. The Ethical Culture Fieldston School reminds me of Keys Grade School.

Thank you books. Sometimes I like you more than people. I'm weird that way, but I'm comfortable with it. Anywaaay... I think I have always been fascinated by books on psychology, child development and stories of resilience and transcendence because...

This one I have yet to read. Haven't read Coupland since Generation X.

I will have a weekend getaway with him again soon.

...particularly mine!

I grew up amidst dysfunction and craziness, but it's cool. It makes life more interesting. It makes you more open-minded. It makes me want to be better, especially for the little ones and their dad - who grew up with his more than fair share of dysfunction too. Just saying... without much care if this post makes sense to anyone else. Cue crickets.


Barni said...

So much love in my heart for you. There would be no crickets chirping if we had this conversation face to face. :D

Nikka said...
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Nona said...

I know, I know Barn : D Thanks love for embracing my weirdness. And I had just finished my first meditation session with my new friend Sister Sonia so the heart is wide open... love received!

RONE said...

Douglas Coupland ROCKS! I can never get enough of him. Girlfriend in a Coma should be your next read.

Nona said...

Agree Rone! He is sort of like a voice for our generation. Read the first few pages of All Families Are Psychotic and it seemed like he was a more "mature" Coupland... he's getting old like us/me! Haha! Lend me Girlfriend in a Coma : )

Cely said...

Love this post, especially the last paragraph and its message!

And thank you, Nona, for giving me some titles to add to my list!

Nona said...

Hey Cely : ) If people can survive the holocaust, people can survive psychotic families, right?? Haha!

Happy reading dear!