Nov 12, 2009

A World of Books

Spotted at the museum shop: Some of the VivaKiddos' all-time favorites. I love knowing these books are enjoyed all over the world.

Can you spot Mak's Jungle Book?

Bear's Red Balloon

The Mak-Tato's Goodnight Moon and Cat in the Hat
plus Chicha's Madeleine, how can we forget?

Nona, here's something Chicha might like. Even I want to read it! Elizabeth Matthews' Exceptionnelle Coco Chanel. A picture book on the amazing life of Coco Chanel.
(Note to self: Find the English version)

Can't read French but I'm guessing this is where she learns how to sew in that dreary orphanage where she grew up in.

And this is probably where she finally rises above all that hardship. Coco Chanel, pardon my French but...You rock, Mademoiselle!


Nona said...

Oh wow... book heaven with French accents!

Cely said...

Maybe you can't read french, but you guess well!

Tell me if you don't find it in english. The english version is available in libraries here.

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. That or you will have to translate page after page for me. Good to have you as our VivaMama in-house French translator!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Just bought this book for my girls- It's published in the US- "Different Like Coco". Another similar read for young girls that you may like is " When Royals Wore Ruffles".