Aug 4, 2009

a bookstore made in heaven

Rendered speechless.  Wow.

Thank you, Luxury Launches  for the words and Poplar for the images
36-year-old Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako’s design for children’s bookstore Kid’s Republic gives full play to the innocence, fun and inquisitiveness of the young, conjuring up images of childhood that are sure to enchant anyone walking through the doors. 

Twelve bands of color weave their way around the activity room to create a rainbow-like décor for a space used for storytelling and anime screenings.

A ribbon of rainbow colors starts at the bottom of the stairs next to the entrance and winds its way up to the floor above, metamorphosing into various objects along the way. Functioning in places as bookshelf, table and gates, it twists and twirls to form counters and even ceiling parts, traveling a hundred meters before finally turning into a backdrop for the handrail that leads back down the stairwell to where it all began.

Easily the most beautiful children's bookstore in the world. I need a drool towel.  And plane tickets to Beijing please. 


Cely said...

WOW! I'm speechless! I've never seen a better bookstore in my life! If I could see it with my own eyes, I'm sure I wouldn't leave it. Thanks for sharing, Nana!

Nona said...

Love it! If only it was around when we went to Beijing together!

Barni said...

The staircase and activity room - wow! Like you stepped into an Eric Carle book.