Aug 22, 2009

the week that was

I had just been bragging that the boys  hardly get sick anymore.  Should have knocked on wood then.  I sure got served a nice heaping plate of reality. And a spoonful of irony.  Last weekend, I left a healthy household to celebrate my own good health.  There was a lot to be thankful for. 

As soon as I arrived and walked into the door,  I found out almost everyone at home was under the weather.  Mak had a cough. Tato had both a cough and a cold. MacDaddy  could barely get  out of bed and couldn't figure out why. He had been training for a bike event for this weekend's  Ironman competition. I suspected he overworked himself. Even Mang Fabian who does so much more  than take us from point A to point B wasn't feeling too great.

As the week wore on, the coughing didn't stop. School was missed. Work was missed.  Meals were missed.  A blood test showed MacDaddy had dengue. There were vaporizers, capsules, antibiotics, trips to the pharmacy and  constant calls to GrandDoc. My boys have the  world's best pediatrician for a dad and granddad. What would we do without him?
One week later, the sanity is back. Mak's cough is just about gone.  Tato is getting better and even asked for an extra serving of food.  Even Mang Fabian is back on track.  Although still too weak to compete, MacDaddy  was strong enough to get on that plane and cheer the team on.  

And just as I felt exactly a week ago, there is a lot to be thankful for. 
Good vibes,  good health.  Happy weekend!


Cely said...

Oh Nana, I'm so sorry to hear that. What a scary week you've had! I'm glad that they are much better now.
Keeping you all in my thoughts. Warm hugs and take care!

miri said...

oh no that sucks!! my friend came down with dengue too. glad to know theyre all ok.

Nana said...

We're all better now. Thanks, Cely and Miri!