Aug 12, 2009

jack and the beanstalk

In case you haven't already made plans, you may want to check out Repertory Philippines' Jack and the Beanstalk. You've got lots of time as the play began last weekend and runs till December 10. REP's website  should have all the information you'll need. 

Last weekend,  the boys, their classmates and teachers all headed to Greenbelt's OnStage theater.  Some  parents came.  A few older siblings tagged along too.  Mak stayed glued to his seat the entire time. Yes,  even during intermission. If that isn't enough to convince you how entertaining it is, Mak also wants you to know that "it's not scary because the giant is good and funny and I laughed one zillion times".  As for Tato.. well... I'll give you one guess where he "saw" the show .


Cely said...

Hahahaha too cute! Your boys always make me laugh, Nana. They are as different as night and day.

What a great way to have fun with school! Were you with them too? How was the movie (for your own opinion)?

miri said...

Nana and Nona -

This could be a good fundraisng vehicle for our " velada" coffers what u think? our kids are still mostly the age that will appreciate this :-)

Nana said...

Cely, I was there but I was with you-know-who sitting far, far away from the show. From what we did catch - mostly hear! - it was very entertaining.

Miri, there is a batch (four years above us I think) that is sponsoring one night for their own velada. But yes, we should be on the lookout for events like this to start building up our kitty